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What is Holistic Counseling

Holistic counseling can best be described as a form of therapy which seeks to find healing through the uniting of various aspects within the human condition such as the emotions, mind, body and spirit. Drawing from a wide variety of techniques, holistic counseling aims to find a healthy balance between the complicated and delicate facets of an individual’s life.

When considering which treatment may be best for you, it is important that you understand what each variety is and what it has to offer. Here you will learn exactly what holistic counseling entails and explore in detail the many benefits that go along with this therapeutic approach such as its focus on personalization, prevention and empowerment.

Key Components of Holistic Counseling

There are many aspects that join together to form a comprehensive holistic treatment approach. One important feature is that a holistic viewpoint will strive to look at an individual as a whole of their unique circumstances. This means that the patient will not only be asked about their symptoms, but about the totality of their life which in turn will help to make the healing process more effective and streamlined.

Other beneficial qualities include the personalization of holistic programs, the emphasis on prevention of future problems and the importance of the mind-body connection. These are all points of focus that differentiate traditional counseling from a holistic approach. Typically, traditional counseling tends to utilize conventional techniques and is more concerned with addressing a specific problem while failing to take into account the totality of the situation in which the patient finds themselves.

The Benefits of Holistic Counseling

So why choose holistic counseling over a more traditional approach? Here you will learn of five major benefits that pertain to holistic counseling and how they can help you to make the change that you need in your life.

Comprehensive Healing

The road to recovery is one of many winds and turns, and as such it is not always easy to navigate. When beginning on that journey, it is critical that you seek to address whatever issues you may be experiencing as a whole. Holistic Counseling seeks to put the pieces of one’s life together and tackle the whole picture. This is done through joining together the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a person and working to see how these planes are interacting with one another.

Undoubtedly, if someone is experiencing issues with their physical health, those issues are likely to affect other parts of the individual such as their emotional well-being or their mental functionality. For that reason holistic therapy tries to broaden the picture and offer a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Personalized Treatment

An important component of holistic counseling is its focus on personalized treatment. Every person and every situation is unique, therefore the idea is to construct a plan of action and work towards a customized set of goals that best suit each individual. It makes sense that to resolve complex problems, an equally complex and well-thought out solution is necessary!

No two patients’ treatment plans will look the same when working with a holistic counselor. The counselor will work closely with the patient in order to blend together the ideal combination of treatments and lifestyle changes that will benefit them the most. This unique method of healing allows the client to receive their ideal course of action and lead them to be their healthiest and happiest. 

Focus on Prevention and Wellness

When it comes to holistic counseling, one of the main objectives that is focused on is the importance of overall wellness as a means of prevention. Think of it like you would a car, if you do all the proper maintenance, treat it with respect and keep and check up on all of the different components regularly, then you can expect that aside from major unforeseen events that everything will continue to function well. In the case of humans, if we eat healthy, sleep well, do our exercise and regularly check up on our emotional state, then the chance of major problems occurring are much slimmer.

In a holistic setting you will be guided to identify the parts of your life that you would like to change, and to do so in a sustainable fashion. This ensures that you will be able to actually live out and follow through outside of the office space.

Empowerment and Self-Awareness are Crucial

Fostering a sense of empowerment is a major element of holistic counseling. Through the guidance of a counselor, the client is faced with new insight and deep reflection into their own personal realm. From these new revelations often come the answers to why one feels a certain way or what exactly is causing a harmful behavior. Self-Awareness is the first step to building empowerment which is why self-reflection is such an important part of holistic therapy.

The idea is that once the true roots of an issue are discovered, a counselor may better be able to help you find coping mechanisms and guide you towards the means to an autonomous and sustainable life. This collaborative approach helps the client to feel more in charge of their own journey, as the counselor works with the patient to determine the best options for them personally.

Takes Into Account the Mind-Body Connection

Some may think that mental health and physical health are two completely unrelated things, but did you know that the two actually influence each other? For instance, those who suffer from depression have a higher risk of developing all sorts of physical ailments such as diabetes or stroke. On the other hand, suffering from a chronic physical condition can increase the risk of developing mental illness.

Taking this into consideration, holistic therapy is interested in harmonizing the two sides of well-being to form an overall happier and healthier whole. Certain techniques and activities that can promote this balance include yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. Utilizing such strategies help to get the mind and the body working together and can help alleviate physical and mental stress while focusing the mind.

How Can I Find a Holistic Counselor Near Me?

Your life and your journey are unique and important, so it is important that you take the time to find out what kind of counseling is right for you. The holistic approach is centered around providing a comprehensive approach to healing that seeks to have the client come to their own realizations and give them the empowerment they need to make the changes that they desire. 

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