Counseling Services

Individual Psychotherapy

One on one counseling with one of our qualified mental health professionals in a quiet and inviting treatment room. Upon calling our offices to book an initial session, you’ll be assigned to a therapist that you’ll work with consistently throughout your wellness journey.

Couples Therapy

Quiet, personal sessions for you and your significant other. Topics like communication, arguing styles, and parenting are often processed in couples’ counseling sessions.

Anger Management Therapy

Rather than participate in a group setting, work individually with one of our trained mental health professionals to process your relationship with anger and help you create healthier coping strategies and responses.

Substance Abuse Evaluations & Treatments

Our trained clinicians can help you evaluate your relationship with alcohol and/or other substances as well as provided any necessary psychotherapeutic treatments.


All of our services can be provided in both our Smithfield or North Providence locations as well as in the comfort of your own space via Telehealth. Your choice.